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The collaborative feature lets participants get in the act by sharing keyboard and mouse control. You can also save and replay a meeting so others can learn from your meeting. Hopefully, the information about the reasons and methods of the social networking website development was helpful and gave you the impulse to start. We can also share an example of the custom social networking website that we, at Greenice, worked on. The main idea of the Unite4Good project is to attract the audience to good deeds and charity. Using this network, non-profit organizations can post their requests for help and find a sponsor. For example, iimprove.com is created with the phpFox script.

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To some of us this topic seems to be threadbare but it is not in fact. Trends are important to watch out for and to follow in order to make your social media app up-to-date and viable.

Let’s first define what categories all social media apps are divided into. This will help you to understand what niche you are going to enter and what big competitors will be waiting for you there. Honeycommb gives you everything you need to capture, grow, and engage your community in a beautiful, feature rich, social platform. Think of us as your own Product & IT Department, with enterprise-grade infrastructure, working around the clock to continuously maintain and improve your network. Tailwind excels at Pinterest management like no other social media tool, and it also works with Instagram to provide total management of a brand on the visual side of the social web. While Facebook is primarily used for interacting with others, and Twitter is a great way to follow news and trends, Pinterest is a far more introverted network.

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They release new functions from time to time, make new designs, improve user experience, fix bugs, etc. You know it, you see it in your smartphones, you even wait for updates if they promise something really valuable for you. Once you developed the first version of your custom social app for Android/iOS/web and tested its viability and marketability, it is time to move forward. You should constantly heighten users’ interest to your product by adding more features and improving it. In this section we will mostly speak about technologies and how the main features of a social media app can be implemented based on our expertise. Though such a wide service range exists not in vain, some people think that coding is the only thing they need to make an app.

Microsoft studied that inner social networks help increase productivity and collaboration, especially when employees work remotely. Many educational institutions, media companies, and big corporations prefer to have their own social networks. To develop an Android social app it is necessary to use native platform components and technologies. This includes Java or Kotlin programming language, usage of Google Play Services frameworks like Firebase, Cloud Messages, In-App purchases, Geolocation, etc. The development involves the work with the UI Layer and Network layer, which are done with Retrofit for network requests, GSON for JSON parsing, Glide for loading images and caching. To succeed, each social media app should have at least one unique feature to stand out.

On the other hand, there is a basic set of functionality any social app cannot do without. These features include social authorization, feed, post creation, post likes, notifications, user profile, search, chat, analytics, and admin panel to manage the app. It is not enough just to create a social media app, all listed activities should be part of the ongoing work on your product.

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It is necessary to ensure equal user experience and feel if a user changes iOS to Android or vice versa. If you want to know how to create a social media app that will look and feel nice and appealing, you should learn some basic requirements to your future product in terms of design. If to be correct these are pieces of advice based on some industry tendencies, designers’ experience, and related researches. Your app idea has to go through all stages of app development to become a market-ready product. Researchers say that Millennials are no longer the most influential audience. If you think about how to create a social media app now, make sure you analyzed the need of the new influential group – Gen Z. Every year people involved in the social media sector speak about the latest trends in social media.

AppleSocial.net is another example of a network built on WordPress with a social media plugin. They can make friends, discuss ideas download whatsapp for pc, and even get score collecting so-called iPoints for their activity to spend them on the website e-shop. The 3rd type, social media software, is good enough for more complex and high-load projects. Creating a website from scratch may be unreasonable for them if there are no unique features.

It is a community for the teachers/ trainers to search for networking features. With some providers you can even decide whether you need the whole “out-of-box” software or only some of their widgets to build in your website. Or if you want to have your own front-end programming, some platforms can provide you with the possibility to integrate it with their social features back-end.

The services that might seem additional to some of the clients (e.g. business analysis, project management, and quality assurance) are really important when it comes to real tasks. Contact us for the initial consultation and we will elaborate on your app idea from a business and technical perspective. We can advise you on the best way to develop your social media app as well as provide you with an approximate project budget and timeline. The design of the entire application should be adapted to a specific platform for users to feel comfortable using the app on their device. At the same time your app design should have its key features in common on all platforms.