About Us


Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (“HKSDRI”) was established in year 2012. As a policy lobbyist and research institute, our researches mainly put focus on 6 categories that happen locally: (1) Think Tank and Sustainable Development, (2) Constitutional Development and Public Administration, (3) Silver Hair Industry, (4) Sports Development, (5) Municipal Solid Waste Management, (6) Middle Class Economy.

Hong Kong has even been selected by international media as the “The Most Livable City” and “Best Business City” in the world. However, it has been developing at a excessively rapid pace, resulting in various social problems, including the lack of housing supply, widening wealth gap, environmental pollution and other social issues. There are even rumours that the competitiveness of Hong Kong is declining. We, HKSDRI, believe that the above-described problems are closely related to the development model in Hong Kong, and “Sustainable Development” is the only way to lead Hong Kong out of today's stagnancy and towards the continuation of prosperity and stability.

In 1987, the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development published a report entitled “Our Common Future”, which defined Sustainable Development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Since then, governments worldwide, including Hong Kong, are placing great emphasis on the concept of 'Sustainable Development' and other corresponding policies.

As a group of professionals who are highly enthusiastic in social participation, we always turn our ideas into reality. So, we found the Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (HKSDRI). As a policy lobbyist and research institute, HKSDRI brings out the concept code of “marketing + academic = marketdemic”, which implies enhancing the popularity of academic researches and encouraging different parties, including private enterprises, to participate jointly. By providing professional public policy researches and related services to the public, HKSDRI aims to promote the concept of Sustainable Development to the general public, to maintain Hong Kong’s development without compensation of its inherent advantages and to participate in the society rationally and constructively.


“Independence” is the first principle for HKSDRI. We do not speak for any particular group. Instead, through impartial analyses and researches, we wish to provide a platform for various social groups including the elderlies, housewives and teenagers to perceive, touch and even participate in academic researches. This can promote the concept of sustainable development in the society, and thus generate momentum for socialimprovement.

Areas of Expertise

Policy Research: HKSDRI is included in the register of General Management Consultants as recognized by the Efficiency Unit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. We offer excellent and independent consultant services such as survey and policy research. We have professional policy research experience in various areas including housing, social welfare, sports, culture, human rights, law, logistics, public affairs, healthcare, urban planning and environmental hygiene.

Public Education: Through hosting and co-organizing a wide range of educational campaign and publication, HKSDRI strives to promote the importance of sustainable development to the public.

Corporate Responsibility: To assist various kinds of organization and enterprise to conduct sustainability evaluation for their corporate and development projects, and to offer suggestions for their short and/or long term orientation.

Collaboration Partner: HKSDRI has rich experience in co-designing and promoting campaigns that are related to sustainable development with various organizations. We also welcome invitation for sharing about sustainable development in other activities, or for any other innovative forms of collaboration.


The logo design is inspired by the idea of Möbius strip. Due to the special structure of the strip, assume a person is working forward on a giant Möbius strip, he will never stop. This implies the idea of continuity and ceaselessness nature of sustainability. Moreover, the logo is presented in an arrow shape or a “D” shape. It symbolizes the idea of development. Bringing together the two concepts, it gives “Sustainable Development”. Lastly, color of the logo changes from green to blue, which is metaphorical to a traditional Chinese phrase which means innovation, breakthrough and progression. We hope our center can develop stably among the current well-established policy research institutes in Hong Kong and continue to develop sustainably.