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You only pay the author after making sure that the author has taken into account all the information you provide. Upon receipt or rejection of an order, you will give the author a rating that will direct prospects to the author. Because of the issue of evaluation, no writer would want to get a bad evaluation, so they strive to provide quality services to clients. Essayshark is a freelance writing company that provides writing services for students and individuals who may need their services. Research shows that the company was tapped a few years ago for providing academic assistance to students..

The prices here may be the best you paid for the writing services, and luckily, you can order whatever paper you need. However, lower prices often indicate low quality content, so stop considering the company too cheap. Instead, base your choices on your budget and the quality of the writers. If you are lucky, you will find a good writer in the first test…

The registration page states that a student must place an order to open an account. The email address provided may be used later to access your personal account. Having said that, I have no idea how to delete the Essayshark account. I do not want to use their services anymore, so I have to get rid of them. However, it seems the company does not want to release me because it does not have a delete button..

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The company initially provided quality writing services until late, when they were distracted by financial gains rather than quality service. Students at all levels are given written assignments to complete and pass for assessment. This is done to determine their English language acquisition and proficiency skills. It does not take much time to create an account, which is important if one wants help writing a letter from professional writers..

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The fact that the company provided a good newspaper at an average price makes us think they have writers worth your money. However, you may have to spend some time and money before finding the best author for your articles…