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It also features a superb stealth mode, making it one of our top choices when it comes to the best encryption software of 2020. Image Format Conversion can reduce file sizes by converting image files from one format to another. I recommend this for all video editors, not just FCP X. This allows you to create a high-quality master file for archiving as well as use in creating new compressed derivatives. For example, I need to create four different versions of each of my webinars, for different distribution outlets. File size is essentially dependent upon bit rate, but image quality is dependent upon bit rate, compressed frame size, compressed frame rate, codec and the amount of movement between frames. Because of this, there may be several things impacting image quality.

By itself, ff-Works allows in-depth technical analysis of media files. However, when combined with ffMPEG, which is developed by a separate organization, it is a powerful media compression tool. The image quality is amazing, the file sizes are tiny, and the flexibility and control this program provides are second to none. For the last six weeks, I’ve been working with a new media compression program called ff-Works.

  • Use these steps to compress your PDF file and save on storage.
  • All labeling and annotation should be performed without obscuring any data or background bands.
  • Lastly, your clients will be thankful that they are working with a real estate transaction file that they can quickly upload, download, email or save themselves.
  • Use PACEbefore submitting to check your figures and convert to our accepted formats.

Jdownloader 2 0 (freeware):

I think I managed to write down all of what you said in your answer and the results I have been getting from the 720p videos is “good” but not as good as I had expected. The quality is almost as good as vimeo’s 720p transcode downloads but the file file size is nothing to write home about.

It is tricky to install, difficult to use and the help files are written by programmers for programmers. Our award for Best Archive Tool goes to RARLab’s WinRAR for its overall reliability, quality, and performance. With very few weaknesses and a great user interface, it’s easily our first choice. Already rich in features, WinRAR continues to improve and seems likely to keep abreast of leading changes in archiving for many years to come start download. WinRAR isn’t perfect, and we’d like to see future versions address the lack of 7z file format creation and improve its 128-bit password encryption. ZipZag’s lack of updates is troubling, but there is much to like both on the surface and just beneath. Perhaps its two weaknesses are the lack of configuration options and the inability to customize the interface.

Can this be used to compress video files to be hosted directly on my website and streamed from there please? I want to have 1080p files at approx 5Mbs and 720p files at approx 2.5Mbs – which are roughly the compressions that vimeo use.

Overall, it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for encryption software. SensiGuard is a great choice if you’re looking for strong encryption of your personal or professional files. It uses some of the most secure encryption technology available today, and it can compress your files to a fraction of their original size, helping you send and share them with ease. The downside is that the process does take a little longer than some.

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When you click the Start button, the software provides a very clear indication of compression status, estimated file size and how far along the process is. ff-Works is a flexible, powerful and comprehensive software compression tool for power users who demand outstanding quality and are willing to spend the time to learn how to use it. Installation is cumbersome, there are only two video tutorials on the program that I’ve been able to find, help files are essentially non-existent and the user interface is overwhelming. But… like all powerful tools, if you invest the time to learn how to use it, you are rewarded with results you can’t get from Adobe Media Encoder or Apple Compressor.

ZipZag is yet another archiver that does not include keyboard shortcuts for its main actions. ZipMagic suffers from both kitchen sink syndrome and not being able to make up its mind on what it wants to be. It includes a disk indexer , scheduler, backup app, and worst of all, ZipMagic invents its own argot to describe its features. To view Zip files as a folder, they use the term Zip Folders!

The easiest way to use ff-Works is to create a Watch Folder. This allows you to create a folder, assign compression settings to it, then, whenever a video file is dropped into the Watch Folder, it is compressed to those specs.