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In addition to that, this software can display live sensor data, test status, and service procedures. Its most significant consideration comes in vehicle compatibility. Although it’s an OBD2 software, FORScan only works on Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Mercury vehicles. There appears to be no free version of this software; however, you will need their included scanner to make it work. There’s currently a hefty discount off the usual price of $397, down to $117.


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LapLogger has versions for your laptop and your mobile devices . Again, it provides all the expected fault diagnosis and resetting functions, but this application’s real power is the suite of real-time telemetry recording and analytics features. There are functions for oxygen sensors and emissions monitors to ensure a successful smog test. You can also set up an audible voice alarm, triggered by user-specified data threshold alerts. It supports a library of manufacturer-specific enhanced diagnostics, normally an expensive upgrade for each make of vehicle you require. This offering from Palmer Performance is a Windows-based ELM327 application with a surprising amount of features for the money.

For less than $20, it deciphers and resets pending, stored trouble codes, displays both recorded and live data, and saves historic freeze frame data for future analysis. A popular feature is an integral database for trouble codes, so clearing faults is a straightforward process. They offerfree updates, so there are no surprise charges for keeping your software up to date. Reports are that the customer service is very responsive and knowledgeable, and they typically respond promptly via email. As already mentioned, a software that does that also allows you to reset the Check Engine Light.

The Launch X431V+ is an automotive diagnostic scanner made for professional technicians. Additionally, it is a professional scanner that is equipped with a variety of adapters to ensure eligibility with multiple engine types. The Launch X431 V+ Automotive Diagnostic Tool is one of the best professional OBD2 scanners with a top-notch reputation. One thing to keep in mind is that just like ABS and SRS diagnoses, the advanced functions of this scanner don’t always work on European vehicles. ECU programming are some of the key features of a Professional car diagnostic tool that make them perfect workshop accessory for technicians, enthusiasts, or DIYers.

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OBD2 employs a network of sensors located around the engine, transmission, and drivetrain of your vehicle. This network collects and transmits data using an agreed industry protocol. The data are then analyzed to give the user a description of the car’s performance, general health, and emissions. If you are in the market for an OBD2 software that can reset the Check Engine Light, then Engine Check is worth considering. Compatible with OBD2 vehicles, this software can display live engine data, freeze frame data, fuel system status, etc. As you would expect, the two are similar in functionality. OBDwiz can read and erase engine codes, test emissions readiness, monitor fuel economy, and display live sensor data.

OBD2 diagnostic software allows the average car owner to diagnose their vehicle’s problems before taking it to the repair shop. You can test your emissions, make sure your brakes are functioning well, and clear any faults without paying your mechanic. Some OBD2 programming software packages allow you to remap your car’s ECU chip, increasing both power and efficiency.

For this, you will receive the OBD/ECU diagnosis and remapping software bundle, with the ELM327 scanner, comprehensive manuals, and lifetime software updates. There’s a very generous 1-year money-back guarantee, should you not remain happy with the product. This OBD2 programming software works perfectly for Windows XP right up to Windows 10, but there is no support for Linux or Mac OS.

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Well, it only makes sense seeing as we are reviewing the top-rated car diagnostic tools. The first step to figuring out which professional scan tool to purchase is discovering exactly what you need it for. There’s considerable variation in the prices, licensing terms, update schedules, and other fees. The most expensive is not always the most suitable, however. Some products come bundled with scanners, cables, software, access to technical information libraries start download, and direct customer support.

Filled with features for live data readings, freeze frame data, plus emissions readiness means this device checks all the boxes. This automotive diagnostic scanner comes with the MaxiFix platform which allows you to network with other professional mechanics. Coding functions allow you to not all read and erase codes, but also program on specific control modules. The diagnostic scan tool that offers variety of both basic and advanced functions. With a large responsive touchscreen, this iPad-like scanner will improve the quality of your car diagnostics. You can use it to reset the Check Engine Light whenever it comes on.