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The Way to Add Contrast in Lightroom Should you Take”RAW,” Which Means That You Just Use the RAW file format instead of JPEG, then Your Own Graphics Likely come from your camera looking a little”blah.” Raw files are obviously void of comparison, additional color, trimming, or sound reduction – all of things that are added to JPEG files in camera. So, that means you need to do all those things for your pictures in post processing. Now I will concentrate on the best way to add contrast in Lightroom. There are 5 ways to add comparison in Lightroom. The first four choices will include contrast internationally – significance to add contrast to the whole image. The fifth way to add comparison is completed”locally” and will add comparison simply into the areas that you define. You are able to use 1 method, or a mix of a couple of methods. You only have to take care to not add too much contrast; it’s a fine balance. 1. Contrast Slider: Definitely the most basic and obvious way to change your contrast. Move the Contrast slider from the basic panel to the right before you enjoy what you see. 2. Blacks Slider: This really is the most basic way that I adjust my comparison. Adding my blacks slider into -20ish is an simple means to add only a little bit Lightroom Preset contrast is of contrast to your picture. Some pictures need more. Some need very little at all. I see this Lightroom contrast setting works great with photographs which are already well exposed. 3. Clarity Slider: This slider additionally adds contrast. Just move the slider towards the right to add a bit of contrast. I am not a huge fan of using this to include contrast, but because it does have this result, I’m adding this to the listing. The reason I don’t like using the Clarity slider in order to add comparison is that it is more of the”edge definer”. In case you have a subject, like a baby, child, girl, etc. and increase the clarity slider, then you will accentuate any borders in their skin, which perhaps not be a great thing. 4. Tone Curve Panel: Tone Curves are most probably the most powerful way to adjust the contrast. It’s also the ideal tool to use for those who are not getting the results you would like in the first two choices. To include quick contrast utilizing the Lightroom tone panel, choose between’moderate’ and’powerful’ point curves, or create a curve to add the perfect amount of contrast to your image. Another excellent”visual way” to include contrast would be to utilize the targeted adjustment instrument and place it on the areas/tones you want to lighten and drag and click UP