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This post contain affiliate links plus I get reimbursement once you click the links at no extra cost to you. HOW I CREATED A PRODUCT TO SELL ONLINE IN 1 DAY Lightroom Presets & Etsy I recently found Lightroom Presets and that people were making money off of selling them! (Read 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business) Having researched Photography & Visual Arts in New Media, I LOVE editing photos! I figured why not give it a try! Below are the steps I needed to create Lightroom Presets and put up my Etsy Shop within one day! The Taylor Presets through dancing. inspire. Fantasy Step 1 — Get Lightroom Classic CC Purchase and get Lightroom Classic CC (not the same as”Lightroom CC”)! You are able to pay monthly giving you the option to cancel at anytime. Or you can pay per year at $ You can’t produce Lightroom Presets with no Lightroom! (Sidenote: I use my own 13 inch MacBook Air! ) ) And if you would like to ever sell your presents, you’ll have to have Lightroom Classic CC — that will permit you to export the presets as uploadable and downloadable DNG files (which isn’t doable in the brand new Lightroom CC)I discovered that you will automatically receive the new CC and have to download the Classic version individually after LR is installed onto your PC. Step 2 — Research Lightroom & learn to create Presets! Next Lightroom Presets en Etsy I simply started researching! As soon as I got stuck on something that I simply YouTubed it! The very ideal way to learn is to just push each button, slide every sliderand see how far it is possible to push the pictures! When you’ve an image how you want, open the Presets Tab in the menu and generate a new preset. I created about 7 different presets until I was happy with a last three. Measure 3 — Test your Presets on multiple Pictures I loved seeing how the presets looked on various kinds of pictures! They will appear different on indoor vs outdoor, bright light vs dim light, etc.. Testing your presents can allow you to tweak them so they may be used on a wider assortment of images. If you want to put in your Presets to sell, right click on the picture (or File>Configure with Preset) to save it as a DNG file. Suggestion: Produce organized folders onto your desktop for all your files and images! My Etsy Shop! Step 4 — Setup Your Etsy Shop to market Lightroom Presets! Setting up an Etsy shop was very easy (for starters, so I already had an account), as well as the prompts given direct you step by step to set up your shop! Add a small emblem, upload your own DNG files, that’s it! They charge $per listing (which can be renewed every 4 months) and a 3