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In order to spend less time debugging, you have to understand why you had to debug in the first place. Now obviously, the distinction between "maintenance" and "debugging" is a bit subjective. Do you only consider "bugs" to be problems with the code that are found after it’s released and users have complained about them? Or is it every slight little thing that goes wrong with your code once you’ve added something (found in your own pre-release testing phases)? In a non-trivial software system one can be much bigger than the other. But in any case, this is what programming anything bigger than a toy "Hello world" program requires – lots and lots of maintenance and debugging.

I haven’t made any exact records of my time, but according to my experiences I would estimate that out of all the time I spent programming, half of it was spent debugging. I estimate that to be about a good hours spend debugging, which to me is precious time that could have better been spent writing new code or finishing the project earlier.

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Some people even say something like "everything after the first line of code should be expected to be ‘maintenance mode’, with more refactoring and debugging effort than straight up new code writing". Yesterday, I rolled out a v1.0 release of a Web project I’ve spent about 6 weeks working on .

Zend Studio is a leading PHP editor that allows developers to build high-quality PHP web and mobile applications. It is a PHP integrated development environment that increases the productivity of web and mobile app developers by permitting them to code faster, debug much easier, and maximize the gains from PHP 7. PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP as a server-side scripting language and general-purpose programming language.

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As an employee, I frequently travelled for field testing and to support manufacturing builds. As a consultant, I regularly travel to my client’s offices. On many trips, debugging tools aren’t available on-site, so having a toolset I can travel with is crucial. Zend Studio is built with a smart code editor that has the capability to understand a code and its structure immediately. This code editor supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the latest version of PHP which is PHP 7. In addition, the code editor offers advanced features which guide developers as they code, complete codes intelligently, and make refactoring a breeze. When there is an error in a code; users will be able to validate, investigate, and analyze it in real time.

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If you want to root smartphones, recover photos and other data from Samsung mobile, flash ROM or install any custom ROM or firmware, you must also firstly turn on USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy. Having a portable toolkit has been important to me throughout my career.

It also especially doesn’t help that I’ll be a freshman in college in 5 weeks. By using this tool developer need not to worry about usual data related to the collections, observers and events data as well as associated phtml files at any page. Wing extends all the debugging functionalities for remote debugging like stop at breakpoints and exceptions, inspect data and step through code. X11 forwarding supports debugging code that displays windows, by moving the windows to where Wing is hosted. Wing shows debug data values when the mouse hovers over symbols in the editor and there is a watch tool for watching expressions or values over time, either by symbolic name or by object reference. Wing IDE can debug not only Python code but also Django template files.