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Sustainable development

We are passionate about establishing platforms for the mingles between all stages of people economically, socially, and environmentally.


We offer excellent and independent consultant services such as survey and policy research in various aspects relating to livelihood including housing, social welfare, sports, etc.

policy lobbying

We encourage different parties to participate jointly in academic research through the concept of  ‘marketdemic’.

Marketing + Academic = ”Marketdemic”

We concretize academic knowledges through marketing events, so as to enhance the popularity of academic research and promote sustainability in public. We focus on the following 6 aspects:

Think Tank and Sustainable Development

Constitutional Development and Public Administration

Silver Hair Industry

Sports Development

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Middle Class Economy

About us

Established in 2012, Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (“HKSDRI”) is a policy research organization dedicated to the continuous development of our city. 

Our Insights

Sustainable development

Food Waste Recycling Demanded to be Down to Earth


Report Summary of the Research on the Development of the Old Wai Road

Policy Lobbying

Strategies of Sports Development in Hong Kong - Part I

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