Under the concept of Sustainable Development, Hong Kong can maintain its social, economic and cultural advantages. Moreover, it can optimize its resources allocation, and eventually, further develop into a city of prosperity, diversity and vitality.


“Develop in Unity, Sustain Prosperity”
Through inter-scope public policy researches, we provide long-term Sustainable Development strategy for Hong Kong's social, economic and environmental development. Besides, by popularizing the concept of Sustainable Development, we bring together various community resources and encourage social collaboration in the development of Hong Kong, and to continue prosperity and stability of the city.


  1. Popularization of Sustainable Development
  2. Sustainable Development is the central concept of the center. We actively study on the sustainable development of different policy aspects and provide professional advices and analyses, which promote sustainable development to general public. Eventually, give a more significant influence to our development.

  3. Rational Participation
  4. We believe in rational and peaceful social participation. We will actively develop different channels and platforms of opinion expression and participate in social discussion in a rational manner.

  5. Professional and Independent
  6. Our works are based on facts and professional information, supplement by independent and objective researches on social issues. The center is a non-governmental body, which is not attached to any political parties and does not participate in any election, in order to maintain the independence of our researches.

  7. Bridging Ideas Together
  8. The ideas and opinions of the parties are greatly treasured by us. We actively put together public opinions in our course of studies. We are committed to initiate independent research projects, and collaborate with outside scholars and experts in project base. We conduct researches in cooperation with local and international academic institutions, in order to promote social, economic and academic exchanges.

  9. Contribution to the Community
  10. We work with a goal to contribute to society. We actively provide our ideas and advices on various social issues. We provide idea expression platforms and encourage young people to participate actively and rationally in social affairs. We also publish, under appropriate circumstances, researches about public interest to the general public.