Learn to Learn.
And Learn as We Work.

We believe passionately in people, through people comes change. HKSDRI is a place to inspire you, the young people, the students, our future. We help you to explore new skills, expand your comfort zone, equip you as one of the best prepared citizen to face our complex world.

“Unlike other local internships I took, SDRI is international and full of opportunities. Normally, I would be given small, simple and ad-hoc stuff to work on in other internships, but at SDRI, I was surprised by the depth of the work, the independency and the support I was granted. I was also allowed to choose the research topic according to my own preference. This is a truly valuable internship to go for!” – Lacie, 3rd batch intern

Research skills

Unlike most of your academic researches at your university, this is done for real, tangible matters in Hong Kong. You will be learning and applying different research methodologies in and for different cases. This equips you the skills to be championed in the real world.


Unique from other internships, we not only grant you full independency on your own project, we also provide workshops and trainings to support you to build up key skills so that you can apply them in your future.
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Project Management

Through giving you the opportunity to handle your own project (with our guidance), this allows you to know how to manage projects as a leader or team member, from scheduling, setting internal goals to reaching the ultimate objective. This skill is essential in any jobs today.

Inspired by Leaders

This is not a dead but a lively learning experience! Through our networking, we are grateful to be able to arrange renowned leaders in Hong Kong to interact and share their valuable insights with our interns. They come from diverse backgrounds, from politics to businesses.
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Wanting to apply?

Because of our huge investment into every single one of our intern, every year we receive enormous amount of applications from various higher education students, but we regret to inform you that we can only open so many places. Despite such competitiveness, we ensure you our selection process is fair and equal, suitability and quality based.
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