Founding Members

Ivan Chu

Mr. Ivan S.L Chu, the Founder of Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (HKSDRI), which has been founded nearly a decade, contributes his expertise and knowledge to the sustainable development and social affairs in Hong Kong and Greater China. Through inter-scope public policy researches, provide long-term sustainable development strategy for Hong Kong’s and Greater China’s social, economic and environmental development, popularize the concept of Sustainable Development, bring various community resources and encourage social collaboration together in development to continue the prosperity and stability of the city. Besides, he is the CoFounder and Convenor of Hong Kong Institute for Politics and Governance, cultivate politics talents, aim at providing the government and corporate with smart and knowledgeable advice and solutions.

Ivan participates in different social affairs. He is currently the Member of United Nations (UN) ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN), member of Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macau Studies, member of Working Group of Sustainability of Fashion Industry Development Committee. He concerns about the future strategic development of green business, policy advocacy and lobbying. He is also a former committee member of Sir David Trench Fund Committee for Recreation of Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR and the former trustee of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund.

Ivan was being the management team and independent non-executive director of several Hong Kong and oversea listed companies, which bring him ample experience in cooperate governance. Ivan graduated from the University of Bolton majoring Business Studies (Hons) and achieved a Master of Science in Finance at National University of Ireland. He acquired professional qualifications as the fellow of Institute of Public Accountants of Australia and Institute of Financial Accountants of U.K. respectively, as well as Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong. Ivan was Visiting Fellow in rehabilitation Science at Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Yonsei University, and Visiting Fellow at Korea Orthopaedic Clinic/Korea Sports Medicine Center at 2004-2005.